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Case 1


An incidental finding was noted while performing an abdominal ultrasound for abnormal LFTs.


There are multiple, bright echogenic masses adjacent to or arising from the left kidney. Color doppler shows blood flow within these. The right kidney was normal.


Angiomyolipomata are bright, echogenic masses and are the commonest tumour of the kidney. Other tumours can also appear hyperechoic, so the diagnosis should be confirmed with other imaging.

Multiple angiomyolipomata raises the possibility of tuberous sclerosis, but there was no history or other features in this patient.

In this lady, a CT scan of the abdomen had been performed 1 year prior for diverticulitis. Review of this confirmed the diagnosis.


Adrian Goudie

Left Kidney long midline

Left Kidney long midline

An echogenic mass arises from the inferior pole. There is a small echogenic focus in the cortex superior to this.
Left Kidney long midline Left Kidney, Post to Ant 1 Left Kidney, Post to Ant 2 Left Kidney, Post to Ant 3 Left Kidney, Post to Ant 4 Left Kidney, Post to Ant 5 Left Kidney, trans Left Kidney, Color Doppler CT Abdomen