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Case 2


An abnormality was noticed on the EFAST scan performed following a motor vehicle accident.


 A bright, echogenic lesion is seen in the midpole of the right kidney.


Unexpected findings will be encountered when performing focussed scans. The clinician must recognise what is beyond their scope of practice and experience, and have a process to deal with these occurences. This should include noting the finding in the patient record including noting that the finding is beyond the scope of the limited scan, and obtaining advice and / or arranging review from imaging specialists (even if you think you know what it might be).


This is a typical appearance of an angiomyolipoma, but this cannot be confirmed on ultrasound. The diagnosis was confirmed on the abdominal CT performed for the trauma. A more prominent example of angiomyolipomata is seen 





Adrian Goudie

EFAST - RUQ view

EFAST - RUQ view

A bright echogenic mass is seen within the midpole of the kidney
EFAST - RUQ view Right Kidney long Right Kidney trans Right Kidney trans