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Case 1


An 8 yr old girl presented with 24 hours central abdo pain which had shifted to the right of her umbilicus. She had vomited 3 times since the onset. She was undistressed and had no guarding or rebound or masses.


A thin tubular structure was seen eminating from the caecum. This was traced into the pelvis when a multilayered mass was found which had the appearance of "bowel within bowel".


The patient was transferred to the paediatric referral hospital where she underwent another scan which showed the intussusception had resolved. Lymphadenopathy was seen but no other precipitating cause was found.


Adrian Goudie

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Right Iliac Fossa into Pelvis

The thin tubular structure below the round small bowel is thought to be the appendix and is followed medially when the multilayered mass is seen.
Right Iliac Fossa into Pelvis Right Iliac Fossa Right Iliac Fossa Long Right Iliac Fossa Long