Test Yourself

Case 1


A woman presented with vague low abdominal pain. She had a past history of iatrogenic right ureteric injury with subsequent bladder reimplantation.


There was no hydronephrosis. The bladder was positioned to the right in the pelvis. The left ureteric jet was seen and appeared to be more lateral than usual. There was a strong jet seen entering the bladder from the lateral aspect of the bladder.


The lack of hydronephrosis and a strong jet excluded any high grade obstruction. The bladder position is due to it being 'hitched' to the right so that the ureter could be reimplanted.

Her pain was thought not to be from her kidney or bladder.


Adrian Goudie

Transverse Bladder

Transverse Bladder

The bladder is shifted to the right (difficult to appreciate on a static image)
Transverse Bladder Right Kidney Rt ureteric jet Lt Ureteric Jet