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Case 1


 An elderly lady presented with diffuse abdominal pain. Examination revealed a groin lump.


 There is a fluid filled mass which is surrounded by other fluid. The round mass seems to originate from medial to the femoral vessels.


Ultrasound is useful in the differential of groin lumps, which may pose diagnostic challenges. In addition, it can help distinguish between different types of groin hernia, although this may be difficult. The lack of peristalsis in a dilated loop with prominent surrounding fluid is suggestive of strangulation, although the accuracy of ultrasound to determine viable from non-viable bowel is not well defined in the literature.


Adrian Goudie

Rt Groin over lump

Rt Groin over lump

A round, fluid filled structure is surrounded by fluid
Rt Groin over lump Rt Groin trans Rt groin trans Rt groin sup to inf