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Case 1


Blunt abdominal trauma, high speed motor vehicle accident.

Hypotensive, tachycardic, tachypnoeic.


Two views are included in this case.

Right Upper Quadrant View

There is significant free fluid in the right upper quadrant lying in Morison's pouch between liver and kidney.

Loops of small bowel can be seen floating in the blood, their mesenteric attachments clearly visible.

Longitudinal Pelvic View

The bladder is empty. The uterus is seen anteverted and surrounded both anteriorly and posteriorly by free fluid. The free fluid displays fine echogenic debris and in this case is most consistent with blood.

Other abdominal views were not undertaken.

The patient went directly to the operating theatre and a splenectomy performed for grade 5 splenic injury.

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RUQ View

RUQ View Pelvic View