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Type A Dissection


 44 year old male presents with severe tearing pain in chest, radiating through to back and then extending down into his legs.


The views of the abdominal aorta clearly show the false and true lumen.

A normal abdominal aortic ultrasound does not exclude a dissection, but occasionally a dissection is evident. The abdominal aorta is not aneurysmal.

A parasternal long axis view of the heart shows the proximal aorta and in this case it is markedly dilated. As well as dilation the dissection flap is evident, as is aortic regurgitation.


James Rippey

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Aorta Longitudinal

Aorta Longitudinal Aorta Longitudinal Aorta Longitudinal Aorta Transverse Proximal Aorta Parasternal Long Axis View Chest X-Ray CT Scan CT Scan CT Scan