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Case 1


An elderly lady, one week post laparotomy developed mild RUQ pain with worsening liver function tests. The abdominal ultrasound revealed unexpected findings of her left kidney.


There is hydronephrosis of the left kidney. The dilated proximal left ureter can be traced a short distance. The distal ureter could not be seen.

The biliary findings can be seen here


Hydronephrosis is an anatomical finding and does not always correlate with renal obstruction (which is a functional condition). Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, it must be remembered that obstruction can occur without hydronephrosis and hydronephrosis can occur without obstruction (e.g. ureteric reflux, previous obstruction).


 Adrian Goudie

Left Kidney long

Left Kidney long

Dilated calyces are evident
Left Kidney long Left Kidney Long Upper pole Left Kidney Trans Upper pole Left Kidney Trans Mid Pole Left Kidney Trans Lower pole Left Kidney and Ureter long