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Case 1


An elderly man presented with haematuria and urinary retention.


Two masses are seen in the distended bladder. An echogenic mass is seen on the left bladder wall which has flow (seen on color and pulse doppler) and did not move when the patient was rolled onto their side. Secondly, there is a more echogenic mass seen in the neck of the bladder, this does not have any flow and is seen to be mobile (moving when the patient is rolled). The first mass is a tumour and the second a clot which caused the retention.


Bladder masses may be clot, neoplastic, inflammatory masses or foreign bodies. Mobility and the presence or absence of flow are important distinguishing features.


Adrian Goudie

Bladder Trans

Bladder Trans

Two echogenic masses are seen
Bladder Trans Bladder Trans Superior Bladder Trans superior Color Doppler Bladder Trans Superior Power Doppler Bladder Trans Inferior Bladder Long, left Bladder long, midline Bladder long, midline, color Doppler Bladder trans, Rt lat decub Bladder trans, Rt lat decub