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Case 1


A middle aged man with a history of alcoholic pancreatitis presented with abdominal pain.


In the region of the body and tail of the pancreas there is a large, ovoid, hypoechoic mass containing echogenic debris. There is no color flow within the mass.   


Pancreatic pseudocysts occur most commonly adjacent to the pancreas, but can occur anywhere within the abdominal cavity. Color Doppler should be performed as they can erode into vessels causing pseudoaneurysms. Lesions adjacent to the pancreatic tail may best be seen through the spleen or left kidney.


Adrian Goudie

Pancreas trans

Pancreas trans

Adjacent to the head of the pancreas (with the portal vein confluence in the centre of the image) is a large cystic mass
Pancreas trans Pancreas trans Epigastrium trans Epigastrium long Epigastrium trans, color Doppler Left flank, coronal