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Vitreous Detachment 1


This elderly patient presented with increasing flashers and floaters in both visual fields, left more than right. 


A vitreous detachment will usually not be seen unless the gain settings are very high. Then fine linear and granular appearing echodensities will be visible in the globe. Keeping the transducer still and getting the patient to look left and right creates swirling of the vitreous and the detachment becomes obvious. 

In difference to a retinal detachment the vitreous will detach in front of the optic nerve, where a retinal detachment remains anchored at this point. In addition a retinal detachment is usually visible with normal gain settings.

A vitreous detachment generally precedes a retinal detachment.


James Rippey

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Vitreous Detachment

The swirling fine vitreous membrane is visible only at very high gain settings
Vitreous Detachment Vitreous Detachment Vitreous Detachment Vitreous Detachment