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Case 1


A middle aged man with chronic renal failure (on haemodialysis) presented with fever and hypotension. He was mildly breathless, but this was not uncommon for him, due to fluid overload


The right upper lobe demonstrated dense consolidation, giving an appearance similar to liver (sometimes referred to as "hepatization"). Trails of gas locules can be seen within the more solid tissue representing air bronchograms.


Pneumonia is often unable to be deteced with ultrasound, if the affected segment does not lie against the pleura. In this case the entire right upper lobe was consolidated. This also allowed visualization of the great vessels of the upper mediastinum using the consolidated lung as an acoustic window.


Adrian Goudie

Right lung, Trans

Right lung, Trans

The lung appears similar to liver. Normal pleural reflection (air shadowing) can be seen on the right of the image.
Right lung, Trans Right lung, trans Rt Lung, trans Rt lung, trans CXR