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Case 3


Sudden pain in the heel whist playing soccer.


The video loop shows the achilles whilst the foot is dorisflexed.

Separation of the two ends of the completely ruptured achilles is clearly evident. The once taut tendon is now lax and "wavy". In between the two ends a small area of fluid, likley blood is evident.

Although generally clinically obvious I tend to measure the distance from the insertion of the achilles into the calcaneum to the rupture point, and communicate this in my report.


Rupture of the Achilles tendon is common and usually clinically apparent. Patients are often reticent to have their foot dorsiflexed (although this patient did not find this manouvre particularly uncomfortable).

Look for the gap in the tendon and note the separation of fibers with gentle dorsiflexion. There is often an edge shadow artifact deep to the ruptured ends of the tendon.

A panoramic view will impart documentary evidence to the caring clinicians and is generally appreciated.


James Rippey

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Achilles Tendon

this loop is a view of the achilles during dorsiflexion of the foot
Achilles Tendon